Christine Lozier

About Christine Lozier

Christine Lozier is a Products Liability Associate residing in our Florham Park, New Jersey Office. Christine focuses her practice on defense of pharmaceutic and consumer product companies. She also has significant experience in talc asbestos litigation. Read Christine's full bio

Direct-to-Consumer Advertising and Promotional Labeling Transparency and Pricing Requirements for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Government and regulatory agencies have recently provided guidelines regarding the importance of transparency in Direct-to–Consumer (DTC) advertising through proposed regulation and guidance documents.

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New Jersey Reverses Course on Bare Metals Defense

The New Jersey Appellate Division recently published an opinion significantly affecting asbestos litigation and defenses available to certain product manufacturers. In Whelan v. Armstrong International Inc., No. A-3520-13T4 (Aug. 6, 2018) the court changed the landscape related to the “bare metal defense,” breaking from prior law regarding the scope of a manufacturer’s liability for injuries caused by exposure to asbestos-containing components or replacement parts in their products supplied by third parties.

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